What is the Most Beautiful Thing in the Whole World?

When was the last time that someone told YOU that you are BEAUTIFUL?  I am here to tell you, friend, YOU are Beautiful!!!!!  

I know this, because GOD has CREATED us Fearfully and Wonderfully!  Psalm 139:14

God does not make Ugly things.  He makes everything BEAUTIFUL in it’s time. Ecclesiastes 3:11  

I am a nurse anesthetist, I have given hundreds of anesthetics to patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures.  There are many women who come back multiple times to receive more and more surgery in hopes to obtain the perfect body.  There is nothing wrong with Plastic Surgery or looking nice, as long as that is not the remedy one is seeking to cure their need for ultimate happiness.  When our definition of beauty is defined by the WORLD then we will always fall short of achieving Beauty.  The WORLD defines our beauty based on what we look like on the outside.  

The WORLD would like me to believe that IF I have a certain waist size THEN I’ll be HAPPY……

IF I have a certain breast size, THEN I’ll be ACCEPTED…………..

IF I have straighter, whiter teeth THEN I’ll be BEAUTIFUL……..The list goes on and on.  

When our HAPPINESS, our ACCEPTANCE, our definition of BEAUTY is based on WORDLY standards, we will always fall short searching for more, because we will never measure up.  The reality is a person can spend thousands of dollars on surgery fixing the outside and still never BE Happy.  Because what they are looking to achieve, is something only God can fulfill.  

The quest for achieving the perfect body according to WORDLY standards, will always render a person defeated, depleted, empty and wanting more.  

When we seek worldly approval, allowing the world to define our BEAUTY, we will be left eternally dissatisfied.  
When we allow GOD to DEFINE our beauty we will be eternally SATISFIED, never needing worldly approval again.  

“All Men are Like grass and all their glory is like the flower of the field;  the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever.”   1 Peter 1:24-35 NIV

WORLDLY Beauty will Fade but God’s TRUTH Lasts FOREVER…….  

When we seek approval from God, we will have a Beauty that will never fade.  In His definition of beauty we are accepted just the way we are.  He has CREATED You beautiful, and no worldly fix  will make you more BEAUTIFUL than you already are.

The WORLD defines our beauty by our CHARACTERISTICS, what we look like on the outside.  CHARACTERISTICS do not make us more BEAUTIFUL our CHARACTER does.  God cares about the condition of our hearts and what is in them.  When God’s love lives in our hearts—– It RADIATES  the beauty he CREATED outwardly, making YOU the most BEAUTIFUL creation.  We become so much more in God’s love for us.  Have you told someone lately that they are BEAUTIFUL?  Pick up the phone, write a note, send a text and tell someone that they are BEAUTIFUL, it will brighten their day, and confirm that God makes all things BEAUTIFUL!

Going Deeper:
How do you define your Beauty?  Who do you seek your Approval from the world or God?  

I would love to hear from you!  Please leave your comments below.  

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