Why It’s Important To Name Our Gremlins

Have you ever watched the movie Gremlins before?  It’s where the cute little Mogwais turn into gremlins (little monsters) if you feed them after midnight and they multiply if you get them wet.  The Gremlins end up terrorizing the town and the only way to get rid of them was to bring them into the light.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  I’ve taken a much needed break and needed time with all my transitions from new state, new home, new jobs, new everything.  But I’ve been learning so much.  I’ve been training to become a Trauma Healing Facilitator through the American Bible Society/Trauma Healing Institute and became certified as a Life Coach!  I will be sharing more of why I decided to jump into the world of healing and life coaching but for now I am starting with a very important exercise we all can do, Name Our Gremlins and le.

It’s an exercise I learned in life coaching as well as reading a lot of Brené Browns books about shame and vulnerability.  It’s a place where we need to start.  Otherwise we will only continue patterns of hiding from our pain and living as though we don’t have any problems.  We have to be real with what’s going on within the four walls of our minds, what power we are allowing our thoughts to have over our lives, and what areas of our lives we see these patterns seeping into.  We have to address those gremlins or the gremlins will terrorize our lives just like they did in the movie.

“Shame hates having words wrapped around it.  If we speak shame, it begins to wither.  Just the way the exposure to light was deadly for the gremlins, language and story bring light to shame and destroy it.”  Quote Brené Brown “Daring Greatly”

Speaking our gremlins out loud brings them into the light and doesn't allow the enemy to use them against us or build walls of shame that keep us hidden away from God's purpose in our lives.Click To Tweet

In the Bible during and after the last supper, Jesus foretells one of his disciples will betray him, all of the disciples will fall away, and another will  deny him three times before the rooster crows twice (Mark 14:18, 27-30).  The disciples don’t believe Jesus because of their love and devotion to Him.  But Jesus knew what was really in their hearts.  They were scared, ashamed, and doubted.  Fear and shame caused them to run and hide.

What we feel, isn’t who we are.  The enemy plays on our thoughts, emotions, and fears and uses them against us.  To make us believe lies and away from God’s truth.  He amplifies shame, fear, worry, doubts to keep us in a continual pattern of hiding and destroy God’s work within us.

'But everything exposed by light becomes visible-- and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.' Ephesians 5:13Click To Tweet

Why It’s Important to Name Our Gremlins:

Naming our gremlins, calls them out into the light, reveals who they are and doesn’t allow the enemy to have power over us.  Bringing our gremlins into the light allows for God’s power to work within us, destroying the inner critic that keeps us from God’s purpose.  And most important naming our gremlins breaks the cycle!

Name Our Gremlins Exercise:

  1.  In order to identify and name our gremlins or inner critic we need to take a closer look at what our gremlins look like.  On a piece of paper draw out your gremlin and take notice, what features your gremlin has and what do you think those features represent.
  2. Then answer when is your gremlins most active?  What purpose do you think your gremlin is trying to achieve?  What is your gremlin most afraid of?
  3. Who would you be without this gremlin?  How could your life change or improve if you let go of this gremlin?
  4. What is one action you will take today with this new information?

This is just a brief version of this exercise, there are many other questions to help you identify how your gremlin is affecting your life.  This is just one of the many exercising we learned in our life coach training.  If you would like to learn more about this exercise or other exercises to help you discover God’s purpose in your life please reach out to me Click Here.  

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