Here are the most requested topics below. I hope you find these messages encouraging, uplifting and filled with God’s truth. Other topics I am working on include; Becoming more with less, How to make Prayer more effective in your life, The power of Obedience and Whole-hearted Healing. I pray that these messages will bless you and encourage you to continue in God’s word! I am available to speak at one-day conferences, women’s Bible Study, Sunday school classes, school or women’s events. Please use the contact form to contact me.

Finding Joy Discovering Hope

Heather’s Story of Hope

When tragedy enters a person’s life it is devastating. Learn how God uses our uses our pain to turn it into something Beautiful.

Turning Sorrow into Treasured Joy

Our God is a Provider of peace and joy, not a Creator of fear. There is Life after Loss. Learn how to experience Joy again after losing a loved one.

You are Victorious!

You are an Overcomer in Christ.  As Christians, we are not exempt from tragedy or evil in this world.  But sometimes life can be so heavy and burdensome.  We were never meant to be defeated by our circumstances but live a Victoriously in Christ.  Learn how to walk and live in the beautiful message of the gospel through Heather’s message of ‘The Victorious Life.’

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Be The Difference

Prayers that Make a Difference

Be the Difference in the prayers that you pray! Learn prayer techniques that will change your prayer life.  Your prayers can be the difference that changes lives and impacts communities by simply praying with purpose and intention. Do something that is Bigger than Yourself!  Learn how to put Scripture with prayer, about intercessory prayer and how to apply powerful prayers to your life that make an impact beyond measure.

Be Kind

Be Kind and loving to One Another (Ephesians 3:20). We are called to be Kind. A small act of Kindness can impact lives and communities. Kindness is the character of Jesus and speaks to people’s hearts. Learn ways to be kind and be the difference in the lives of others.