#SpeakUpConf15 Recap!

Writers and Speakers from all over the country just got back from the SpeakUp Conference 2015 by Carol Kent and company. I had the opportunity to attend and meet amazing people and learn so many amazing things!  So much happened at the conference, it’s hard to describe it all.  The whole weekend was filled with amazing moments.  Here are the highlights of the most memorable moments following the word WORSHIP. It is all for Him.

W- is for Women, all the wonderful new friends made!

O- is for Organized!  Not only was the conference organized and professional, but all the women who have organized their ministries to serve with such servant hearts are amazing!

R- is for Robin Rost!   I truly enjoyed worship time as well as her concert performance!  To see a live violin performance and her slide show was just inspiring.  Her rendition of the Anita Renfroe version of the mom song was spectacular!  In case you missed it click here for the clip!

S-  is for Speeches!  I loved all of the key note speakers, their speeches were inspiring, encouraging, entertaining and uplifting.  I loved Cindy Bultema’s closing speech, with her bag full of goodies to remind us that God is bigger!  Most of all I am so proud of our speech group, especially Amanda Ripsam who truly demonstrated such courage!

H- is for Here.  I loved how we could say to anyone in our small group, I am here for you!  Wherever we are God is here for us as well.  Even though each of us are on a different journey, we were all obedient to God’s calling by showing up.

I-  There is no I in TEAM.  No matter what, we are all in this together, cheering each other on.  I loved Cindy Bultema’s pom-poms to encourage us, that we are all are all on the same team, for the same purpose, to honor God’s calling and better prepare our stories to share with others.

P-  is for Prayer.  Enlist a prayer team!  Nothing creates a more powerful bond than a bunch a women surrounding an entire room, holding hands, praying.  When women read scripture in the circle out loud, each verse was so significant, like it was alive in each one of us. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful conference.  All the preparation to get there was so worth it even if I had to travel all the way from Alaska!  

AHHHH!  Now the aftermath!  I have some homework to do!  

  • Work on Book Proposal
  • Finish this website
  • Finish writing my book
  • Start writing some devotionals!
  • Work on my outline and AIM for speeches!  


It is all for Him.  Praying for all the women at the conference that God will use each and every one of them.  I believe God is preparing us all for something greater.  I pray that we will all continue to learn how to discern God’s calling and direction for where he is guiding us.  So Thankful for all I learned, all the new people I met and for the great experience!  Thank you! #SPEAKUPCONF15

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