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10 Bible Verses for Healing and Strength

Two weeks ago our family woke up to a 7.1 earthquake that shook our whole house.  The earthquake lasted only 30 seconds but it felt like forever.  Funny thing about an earthquake.  It makes you realize how secure your pictures are on the wall and your foundation is.  Earthquakes really shake things up!   The […]

Where to Find More Strength in 2016

Most of us can relate to the desire for wanting something more, some kind of change in the new year.  Strength is something that always runs out and we wish we had more of.  It is exactly what you need in trials to develop endurance to get through to the other side. Strength grows when there is […]

Finding Places of Freedom in 2016

Freedom.  We all want it and all seek it.  It is something that many of us have but is often taken for granted.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines freedom as the quality or state of being free, the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.  Many may interpret this definition of freedom as being free […]

The Gift of Prayer: A Christmas Prayer

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year.  There is shopping, gift giving, Christmas cards, cookies and manger scenes!  What we do at Christmas actually follows along with what they did 2,000 years ago when baby Jesus was born. We have been doing a series on gifts we give and receive.  The […]

The Best Christmas Gifts Ever!

Tis the Season…… Everyone is getting ready for Holidays.  Preparing baked goodies, getting ready for parties and buying Christmas gifts!  It takes a lot of time, preparation and planning to find the perfect gift for that someone special. Have you ever received a gift so perfect you remember the joy and excitement you felt when you […]

The Christmas Story: 3 Acts and Gifts of Kindness

What do you think of when you think about Christmas?  If you could pick one word that describes Christmas what would it be?  When I think of Christmas I think about kindness.  It is such a perfect time of year for not only celebrating the birth of Jesus but giving kindness to others.   Christmas […]