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5 Ways to Make the Most of Life’s Sweetest Moments

The other day, I took our son to the pediatricians office and saw this display of sugar content in sodas, sport drinks and juice.  Our family has already eliminated a lot of sugar from our diets already, but when the sugar is put into these specimen cups, it puts into perspective how much sugar we are really […]

Do you Have the Perfect Ingredient for Success?

Have you ever baked or cooked something following a recipe and it didn’t turn out looking like the picture or tasting quite like you thought it was going to taste? Maybe you are missing an ingredient, or maybe you didn’t complete one of the steps correctly? However, the recipe did not turn out as expected. […]

5 Ways to Make Room in a Crowded Heart

Clutter.  We all have it.  Junk.  We all accumulate it.  So when does clutter and junk become a problem?  For me, when I see my junk drawer filling up, I know it’s time to sort through, reorganize and get rid of a few things.  Organization is a struggle for me.  My mind does not possess […]

7 Ways A New Perspective Can Impact Your Life

The other day My husband and I had a Parenting BREAKTHROUGH!!!  Ever have one of those?  This empty plate of eaten food looks like a dirty dish, but to me it is VICTORY!  When it came time to sit down for our family dinner, our daughter griped, complained and even shed tears over the food […]

3 Ways to Turn Roadblocks into Clear Paths

Have you ever started a day when everything seemed to just be going wrong?  Nothing you did seemed to turn out right, any direction you turned you felt like you were running right into a roadblock?  I for sure have been there—I think we all have…… After trying all the wrong ways, THEN God is […]

What is the Most Beautiful Thing in the Whole World?

When was the last time that someone told YOU that you are BEAUTIFUL?  I am here to tell you, friend, YOU are Beautiful!!!!!   I know this, because GOD has CREATED us Fearfully and Wonderfully!  Psalm 139:14 God does not make Ugly things.  He makes everything BEAUTIFUL in it’s time. Ecclesiastes 3:11   I am […]