The Character of Kindness

Kindness has to be one of the best character traits a person can have.  What makes a person kind?  What are the traits of a kind person?  Kindness is something that comes from a person’s heart.  It is a language we all can speak and understand.  It transcends all borders and has No Limits.  Those who are kind usually have these following traits……

  1. Serve others before themselves
  2. Don’t expect anything in return when giving kindness
  3. Show compassion no matter who you are
  4. Selfless and humble
  5. Give out of the goodness of their heart
  6. Don’t want the glory or recognition for the their kindness
  7. Are Kind to honor God and not themselves 

Wow, looking at some of these traits, you wonder how a person is even able to live up to this standard?  Truth is no human can ever do this on their own.  It is only through God’s love overflowing from within you that you would ever be able to exhibit this type of kindness.  Kindness isn’t something that comes from us, but from God himself.  When his love overflows within you, his kindness overflows from you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was kind and got along?  ​Kindness is what makes relationships strong and everlasting.  The type of kindness that Jesus showed others when he was alive on earth, goes beyond understanding.  He showed kindness to the unlovely, the outcasts, the prostitutes.  Kindness isn’t something you have to earn or even deserve.  It is a free gift available to everyone and anyone who are willing to receive it.  If you weren’t worth it God would have never sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for you (John 3:16).

God’s lovingkindness is not something that is suppose to be kept secret or hidden, it is meant to be shared with others.  If you never shared the lovingkindness of God with others, how will others ever know the love of God?

Never miss an opportunity to give someone kindness.  Simple acts of kindness are worth more than you think.  You never know the impact it will make.  Join us for our #13DaysofKindness, where we encourage others to do at least one act of kindness for 13 days.  The purpose is to spread as much kindness as possible, for others to Be Kind pass it on!  If everyone gave one act of kindness imagine what that would look like?

​How has kindness made a difference in your life?  What is the kindest thing someone has done for you?

Do you have a loved one you would like to honor by doing acts of kindness?  Join us for our #13DaysofKindness.  Go to to download Free Printable Kindness cards to start spreading kindness to others!  Kindness is contagious Pass it on!  For the next month I am doing a series on Kindness.  Please join me by subscribing to my Blog or liking my Author Facebook Page so you don’t miss out!  

Everyone deserves kindness from their Savior!  I would love to hear from you!  Please share how Kindness has affected your life how and in what way?

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