The Power of Kindness

This week our church suffered the loss of a man who had suffered a stroke in the middle of a Sunday night service.  The pastor was preaching about how we never know when our last day on earth will be.  It makes a person really think about what they spend their time doing.  It makes me think about Jesus and how he spent his last hours on earth.

The day Jesus was taken to be crucified on the cross he knew he was going to be taken.  Even though he knew it would only be a matter of hours before he was taken to be crucified, he spent his last hours with his disciples whom he loved, breaking bread with them, washing their dirty feet, praying with them.  He even washed the feet of Peter and Judas whom he knew would betray him, showing them his lovingkindness.

There is Power in kindness.

Imagine if Jesus never showed the kindness to the
Leper, we would never know God’s love heals.
Blind man, we would never know God’s love gives sight.
Lame, we would never know God’s love helps the lame walk.
Prostitutes, we would never know the power of God’s forgiveness and grace.
Homeless, we would never know God’s love provides us with all we need.  

It doesn’t cost a person anything to be kind but costs them everything when they are not.  The words we say, the actions we do or don’t do can be so powerful.  What’s so amazing about God’s lovingkindness, it doesn’t matter who you are, Christian, Jew, Muslim or Mormon.  God’s love transcends all borders to love the broken hearted, the sinner, the lame, the lost.

Kindness is the language that everyone understands and that everyone can speak.

​Imagine what you could do if you gave someone a little kindness.  Your Kindness goes a long way.  Imagine if every person gave one act of kindness what could happen.  Starting April 7-20, we are doing #13DaysofKindness in honor of our son Bowen.  We do acts of kindness for everyday he was alive.  What we do with our love matters.  It is not meant to be hidden but given to others.  Below is what happens when your love is given to others;  goodness grows from it.

Do you have a loved one you would like to honor by doing acts of kindness?  Join us for our #13DaysofKindness.  Go to to download Free Printable Kindness cards to start spreading kindness to others!  Kindness is contagious Pass it on!  For the next month I am doing a series on Kindness.  Please join me by subscribing to my Blog or liking my Author Facebook Page so you don’t miss out!

Everyone deserves kindness from their Savior!  I would love to hear from you!  Please share how Kindness has affected your life how and in what way?

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