5 Ways to Make Room in a Crowded Heart

Clutter.  We all have it.  Junk.  We all accumulate it.  So when does clutter and junk become a problem?  For me, when I see my junk drawer filling up, I know it’s time to sort through, reorganize and get rid of a few things.  Organization is a struggle for me.  My mind does not possess the ability to see how things can fit into certain spaces so neatly and organized.  It takes me time to process what to keep and where to put things.  The first thing I do to start organizing, is take everything out and start with a clean space.  When I start with a clean space, I am able to see where things go so much better.  It allows me to see what I am able to keep and what no longer is needed.  I am able to see exactly where each item fits into it’s own designated space.  

The same concept applies for our hearts.  They too can become overcrowded with busyness, hurriedness, over scheduling, etc.  My busyness and hurriedness can quickly turn into a disorganized mess, which creates chaos, that makes a recipe for disaster!  On top of that many of us (including myself) may be carrying around heavy burdens of un-forgiveness, unsettled conflict, relentless fears and unbearable grief which takes up even more room!  So how do we make room for what matters most?  By identifying the spaces in our hearts and what they are filled with.  

Every hear the saying ‘You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole?’  The square peg was not designed to fit into that space.  The same goes for our busyness, hurriedness and over scheduling.  God did not design our relationships with each other and him, to fit into the same space with busyness and hurriedness.  It just doesn’t work.  

The same way that we schedule a spring cleaning in our homes, is the same thing we need to do for our hearts.  Set the date, make the time, make it happen.

Here are 5 Ways to de-clutter a Heart making room for what Matters Most.  This is an exercise that will help a person visualize what their hearts looks like, so everything fits neatly into it’s own place.  

1.  Identify your spaces–  Think of your heart like a house with rooms.  There is a room for everything we need, a kitchen, a bedroom, a family room.  Our hearts operate the same way.  God designed our hearts to be filled with what he created us for to live a life of love, joy, peace and freedom.  Get a piece of paper, draw a heart, identify what are the spaces that fill your heart.  Here is an example of mine (Please do not judge my art : ))

2.  Identify What is Crowding Your Space–  If I am not intent full,  prayerful and purposeful with what I am filling my time with, my heart can quickly become crowded with busyness, hurriedness and over scheduling, making less room for what matters most.  

3.  Cross Out What is Crowding Your Space–  When I am feeling the busyness creeping in, that is taking away from time spent with God and my family, I ask myself, ‘What do I need to take off my plate to make room for what matters most?’  Crossing out what is crowding our space helps us recognize what we need to get rid of.  

4.  Ask Yourself ‘What would I like my heart to be filled with?’–  I think the majority of us would say they desire to be filled with abundant joy, peace, hope, happiness, love and freedom.  We cannot be filled with those things that God intended for us, if our spaces are crowded with un-forgiveness, unsettled conflict, or relentless fears.  Draw a new heart and fill it with what you desire your heart to be filled with.  

5.  Give it to God-  Let go, let God.  When we try to live this life with our own strength we will always fail.  The good news is, when we allow God to have our 

  • TRIALS, He is able to turn them into TRIUMPHS
  • TESTS, Only he will turn them into a TESTIMONY
  • MESSES, only he will turn them into a MESSAGE
  • When we allow God to FILL OUR SPACES with what He intended for us, with How He designed us, we will BE FILLED with so much more than we can ever imagine.   
  • #OnlyGod can turn my messy spaces into beautiful places

Ask yourself, ‘What is the clutter in my heart, costing me?’  
My relationships, my happiness, my sanity?  Our clutter does not add value to our lives. In fact, it can weigh us down, become a heavy burden, deplete us, making us weary and asking for rest.  We can always find rest in GOD’S PRESENCE.  

Allow the STRUGGLES of our burdens to be a WARNING SIGN, that we are in need of REST, that we are trying to accomplish things with our own strength.   It is when we STOP to ASK GOD for HIS STRENGTH, that our hearts are FILLED with His TRUTH and LOVE, filling us with His abundant JOY and FREEDOM.  

Prayer–  God I pray that you will guard my heart from pointless busyness and help me live a life filled with your purpose.  Please take away _________________ that is crowding my heart not making room for the things you have intended for me.  Please show me how you would like me to use the time you have given me, so that I will can be filled with your gifts of abundant joy, peace, hope and freedom that you have intended for me.  

I may not know all the answers, but do know we can rest in the only answer we need to know, that We are loved by a God who Love Us!  Give God your clutter and your junk, He can organize and turn them into something so much Better!  The same God who resurrected Jesus from the dead, is the same God who can resurrect you also.  1 Corinthians 6:14

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