Do you Have the Perfect Ingredient for Success?

This is a recipe for a clean snack We call Peanut Butter Balls. Mix everything together and roll into 1-1 1/2 inch thick balls. Put on wax paper and refrigerate. I eat these all week they are healthy and will give you energy! I sometimes add either cocoa powder or chocolate protein powder for extra nutrition!

Have you ever baked or cooked something following a recipe and it didn’t turn out looking like the picture or tasting quite like you thought it was going to taste? Maybe you are missing an ingredient, or maybe you didn’t complete one of the steps correctly? However, the recipe did not turn out as expected. I have been there. Feeling like I’ve been eliminated from Chopped, the show of wannabe chefs, whose dish did not measure up.

The same in life. The world leads us to believe that there is a recipe for ‘success.’ If we have the perfect ingredients of good grades, a good school, we will get a good job, have a nice house, make lots of money and drive a nice car, that will ‘give’ us a rich life. In reality those things necessarily are not what makes the ‘perfect’ life. Those ingredients help a person increase their chances of achieving a good life, but those things do not guarantee a ‘perfect’ outcome.

Unfortunately the bad news is, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ life or circumstances. The good news is, there is a Perfect ingredient, that once we add it to our lives, it makes our lives richer and more valuable than any amount of money in the world.

What is the Perfect Ingredient? God’s love.

Last week’s post 5 Ways to Make room in a crowded heart, allowed us to get ready for this week, to make room for what matters most. When God is the first ingredient in our lives, He is the only one that can guarantee a recipe for success that will fill us, complete us, renew us, restore us with so much more; only if we Let Him.

When his love is added to our lives, it increases our value, provides for our needs immeasurably more than we could ever imagine. God’s love is what transforms hearts and transforms lives. I have seen his love:
Turn Pain into something Beautiful
Heal the broken hearted
Give the Weary their Strength
Give Hope to the Hopeless
Turn Sorrows into Treasured Joys

There is nothing wrong with making lots of money, having a nice house and driving a nice car. But ultimately, those things don’t increase the value of who we are and determine our happiness and success. Bank accounts can fluctuate, the economy can drop, fires and storms can happen that destroy and damage, turning our thought to be ‘perfect’ ingredients into a quick recipe for disaster.

God’s love for us, which is bigger than anything in this life and is able to make the impossible, possible. His love is what makes it possible to rejoice despite trials, storms and tragedies, when his love is the choice. There may be so many questions in this life, but there is only one answer we need to know. We are loved by a God who chose to love us first.

You are loved my friend, by a God who loves you greater than anything in this world.  His love makes you more.  We can rejoice despite our circumstances, because of his love for us.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  He is good and desires for our lives to be filled with His abundant joy, peace, love, hope and freedom.

Do you know that you are loved?  What are the ingredients that make up your life?  

Prayer–  Dear God I pray that if there is anyone who does not know your love, I pray that they will know they are loved by you, a God who loves them more than anything.  I pray that they will be filled with your love to be filled with your abundant gifts of joy, peace, hope and freedom.

Call to Action–  I hope you enjoy this recipe.  It is a recipe I share with others and make for friends to show them my love for them.  What a good way to spread God’s love when a recipe is made with His love.  Share his love and create a recipe that will always turn out right no matter what the circumstances.  May you be filled with His abundant joy.  

Stay tuned, for the next 5 weeks I will be doing a series on Clean Eating for the Christian Soul.  I will include a clean eating recipe and helpful ways to allow God’s love to fill you abundantly, so we can have not only a clean plate, but a clean heart, making room for what matters most.  I would love to hear from you, please leave your responses below.

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