There is Victory When He Is Enough!

The other day our family was fortunate to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, to not only see one of God’s greatest creations but to experience it to it’s fullest.  We were going on a plane to see Denali the tallest mountain in the United States and land on a glacier.  We weren’t just […]

Finding Victory in Our Struggles

Have you ever struggled with something and wondered ‘God where are you?’  Or asked God, ‘Why Me?’ or ‘God do you even care?’   Have you ever prayed so hard for God to answer a prayer and wondered, ‘God are you even listening?’   I have been there.  I have asked God all of these questions […]

3 Things We Can Do When Tragedy Strikes

What a heartbreaking week it has been for the city of Orlando.  For all the victims, their families, the devastation and lives that have been lost.  It’s an unnerving feeling when evil shows it’s face, lurks around in unexpected places and attacks when you least expect it. It is a face I know oh too […]

The Joy of Less: The Power of Contentment

What’s your dream?  Everyone has a dream about what type of life they want to be Living.  Are you Living the best life ever?  You were Made for More, to live the Best Life Ever.  One that is filled with abundance, fullness, and richness. Below is a story which I hope challenges you to ask important […]

The Joy of Less: How to Create More Margin in Your Life

Is there margin in your life?  You know that extra time you allow in your day to get to work on time, to take a break or allow for the unexpected? I don’t know about you, but I used to be the worst at allowing for margin in my day.  It’s something I wish I planned […]

The Joy of Less: 5 Things that Add More Value to Your Life

Stuff, it can be so consuming. It can clutter your life.  Have you ever asked yourself what is the price of all of this stuff really costing me?   There are some things in life you can not put a price tag on, you cannot buy at a store, that are invaluable.  In our journey of […]