How to use WHEN and THEN Statements to Empower Growth

How many times have you heard the phrase “Think outside of the box?”  This type of thinking is what makes one stand out in a crowd, it is what makes businesses excel, it is what propels forward progress.  

How many times have you heard the phrase “I’m Stuck?”  You might think you are not where you want to be in life, you haven’t accomplished all that you have wanted to, my circumstances aren’t the best.  Did you know that our perspective is the number one thing that can keep us stuck and inside of the box?  When the focus is zoomed in on our circumstances we develop a mentality that keeps us  ‘stuck’ right where we are.  This type of thinking can impede growth, end relationships and shut down companies.  

Do you ever find yourself saying, WHEN I get/have ___________ THEN I will be happy?  This can be a dangerous statement, implying that you can only be happy in certain circumstances.  This keeps your happiness stuck inside of a box, making it dependent upon receiving the desires in your heart.  When in reality, true happiness lives outside of the box.  When our When and Then statements are changed to, WHEN I am content with what I have in all circumstances (whether good or bad) THEN I will be happy.  This can empower you to move forward and grow instead of keeping you stuck where you are.  

Many times we can do this with God’s love.  Do you ever think if God loved me Then he would take away my burdens When I want him to.  Or IF God loved me Then I would not be having these Struggles?  God’s love doesn’t work that way.  He is not a genie that lives in a bottle to grant our every wish.

When a statement is made such as this, it puts God in a box.  It limits him to what he is really able to do.  God is able to do more than we could ever think of or imagine.  When Our Stipulations and Expectations are put on God to do what We want him to do When we want him to do it, we are not allowing him to be the God that is able to do immeasurably more.  God’s love does not fit into a box, our expectations and stipulations do. God’s timing, his plan, his love is perfect.  His ways are so much better than ours.  He knows our needs and what brings deeper eternal happiness.   

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Changing our When and Then statements to allow God’s timing & plan to take place allows us to celebrate and enjoy life the way God intended  

WHEN I put my Trust in God THEN he is able to turn my situations into something so much better.
WHEN I surrender my worries to God THEN he is able to provide my comfort and peace.
WHEN I focus on what I am thankful for THEN it allows me to experience joy despite what my circumstances are.  

God does not desire us to suffer or go through difficulties in life, to keep our happiness in a box, but for us to be filled abundantly with his love, joy and freedom that exceeds anything we could ever ask for.  Being a Christian does not guarantee we will be exempt from life’s hardships.  I can’t give you the reason why bad things happen, but I can guarantee that God will use our adversities as a Catalyst for Growth, that leads to something better, If We Let Him.

Call to Action:
If you are going through a tough situation right now, ask God, What do you want me to learn from this?  How can I make this situation into something positive?

What is your WHEN and THEN Statement?
Turn your When and Then statements into something Positive and watch what can Grow from it.  WHEN you allow God to have your troubles and struggles THEN he will be able to turn them into something so much GREATER.  We don’t have to KNOW what the plan is, we just have to TRUST it.  

Prayer–  God I don’t always understand your plan or why things happen.  I pray that I will always give my worries to you.  I pray that I will trust in your plan, your timing even when I don’t like it.  I pray that for patience in the storms and allow you to be the God who is able to immeasurably more.  I pray for a heart of peace and understanding.  I pray that I will be who you designed me to be and allow your love to be greater.  Amen

Going Deeper:
Focus on this verse.  We can rejoice in hope because of what God has done for us.  Do not allow fear and worries to rob you of your joys.  Trust in his timing.  Be patient stay constant in prayer.     

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer” Romans 12:12

When we let go of what we are holding so tightly onto God will be able to fill us with something so much greater.

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