How to Stay Upgraded in a Downgraded World


It’s TIME for an UPDATE!  The Latest Version is AVAILABLE!  My favorite, It’s Time for an UPGRADE!   Upgrades they are everywhere.  We can upgrade on airplanes to First class, upgrade to a suite in a Hotel, upgrade our phones to the next version, upgrade our apps, etc.  We live in a world where just about anything can be upgraded by a push of a button, except one thing;  our RELATIONSHIPS. 

We live in a world that is driven by technology, apps and upgrades.  It’s easier to push the like button instead of picking up the phone to say hello.  Breakups happen now over text messages instead of a conversation.  It’s no wonder our relationships are in danger because when a relationship gets difficult, we search for the one click easy button instead of putting the actual time into making it work.

Just because our virtual lives of computers and phones have one click upgrade options doesn’t mean our relationships do.  In the process, our relationships become downgraded when we search for the easy button instead of putting the time and effort in to making them work.  Relationships mean something, they are valuable.  When the investment of time is put into relationships, it increases their value and reaps rewards that are immeasurable.  

“For Where your Heart is there your treasure will be also.”  Matthew 6:21
It makes one wonder, are all these upgrades really upgrades?  What are they really worth?  What are they really costing us?  An upgrade is only good until it’s next upgrade.  An upgrade loses it’s value right after it’s been downloaded.    

Relationships, quality time with friends and family are one of the most valuable things in our lives.  The continuous chase of the upgrade can rob someone of their joy.  Do you believe an upgrade gives more value?  It can, but will you be searching for the next upgrade or happy with what version you have?  Letting circumstances and future upgrades determine happiness will always leave a person disappointed, empty and searching for more.  

When we allow God’s truth to define who we are-  We BECOME UPGRADED.  Living in a world that is constantly Seeking the next upgrade— Can be EXHAUSTING!  When we allow God to define us and stand firm in his truth, we can find rest in his truth, that we are LOVED, ACCEPTED, and WORTHY just the way we are.  Our lives are so much more than just the next upgrade.  

Don’t get me wrong…. We are meant to GROW and better ourselves…… But our value and our worth is not determined by what upgrade we get next, but by who God says we are! 

Nothing makes me happier then when I see those who have served and sacrificed their lives become upgraded.  On an airplane ride on the way one night, I witnessed a Vietnam Veteran get upgraded to First Class because of his service.  When we have Jesus in our hearts, our we instantly become Upgraded.  

Receiving nice things can actually be a blessing.  In order to receive we must seek him first…….

Ways we become Upgraded:

  • When we allow God to define us that we are LOVED and ACCEPTED we become UPGRADED.
  • When we Share God’s Love with others— We become UPGRADED and so does the recipient.
  • When we stand firm in God’s truth that he is the God of Comfort, Peace and Joy-  We become UPGRADED.
  • When we give our Worries, Cares, Fears and Anxieties to God, Allow him to carry our burdens, to allow His power to flow through our lives—- We become UPGRADED.  

When God is the center and we truly surrender all of our struggles to him, it’s life you have won the lottery, but so much better.  Our lives become upgraded to First Class, just like the veteran not matter what our circumstances are.  We don’t have to seek worldly approval to find our acceptance or define our happiness and worth.

There is so much freedom when we release it all to him.  We don’t have to be something we are not.  God has designed you just they way you are for a purpose.  We become so much more when we live a life that God has called us to live;  a life filled with his love.  

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Going deeper-  How do you stay upgraded in a downgraded world?  How does your life become more in his Love?

I Love this song by Dara Maclean “Suitcases.”  We can’t go very far when we are trying to do everything on our own.  ​Praying that you will be filled abundantly with God’s love, joy, peace and freedom as you trust in him this week!  Amen.

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