How to Live in the Moment and Take One Day at a Time

Have you ever been in a situation you are concerned about that causes you to start spinning the wheels of worry?  That then takes you down paths of ‘What If?’  Usually these paths lead to no where good.  They lead only to more Worry, more Doubt, more Fear and more Anxiety.   Worry creates a vicious cycle that takes away our ability to enjoy life’s present moments.

Worry is our way to try to control the situation and to try to handle things on our own.  Even though you know worry will never get you anywhere or change your situation, you still do it.  The only thing worry does is take away your joy and steal your ability to be present in the present.  Your situation will happen whether you worry about it or not.   Worrying will never add a single hour to your life (Matthew 6:27), nor will it change your circumstances.  There will always be something to worry about.  How you respond to your situation, will allow you to be able to enjoy life’s present moments.  

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  Matthew 6:34 (Click to Tweet)

It is easier said then done to say ‘Do not worry,’ but It Is possible to learn how to be Present in the Present and not allow worry to steal your joy anymore.  When worry starts seeping in remind yourself of these 3 things.  

        How to Live in the Moment and Take One Day at a Time

1.  Seek God first in Prayer–  Instead of worrying about your situation, start prayingabout it.  If you put the same amount of energy into praying as you did worrying, imagine what God could do with your situation.  Worry takes God out of the equation.  Allow him to walk with you in your struggles, by seeking him in prayer.  Lay it on him, give God all of your worries, fears, anxieties and doubts.  Tell him every detail.  God will use what you are going through for something better, your struggle is never wasted.

2.  The Power of Gratitude A thankful heart is a happy heart.  Sometimes your situation can seem somber, but when you look around at all that you have been blessed with, it can make your situation seem not so bad.  Life isn’t about picking and choosing all the good moments and Then rejoicing in them, it’s about learning how to accept and embrace all of the moments, whether they are good or bad and rejoicing in them.
​Being Thankful will help you:

  • Live in contentment with what you have, which turns what you have into enough and more than you will ever need.  
  • Change your focus to something positive keeping your focus away from your worry. 
  • To experience joy now by embracing your circumstances and not waiting until your circumstances change.    

3.  Be Present in the Present–  Don’t go ahead of God.  As a mother I am always telling our young children hold my hand in the parking lot.  I tell them if they try to go ahead of me, cars will not see them and they could be hit by a car.  The same thing with God,if we go ahead of him in our worries and fear, he cannot be the God we are asking him to be.  He cannot protect us from what we are worrying about in the first place.  The best way to be filled with His Peace, is to be Present in the Present.  Being Present allows God to keep you safe, fill you with His peace and to live in contentment. Let God handle it, He’s got it.  Trust in His Ways, I promise they are so much better and greater than ours.

God has designed you for so much more.  Not to live a life filled with worry but with His eternal hope, peace, joy and freedom.  Allowing God to have your worries, doubts and fears will allow him to turn them into something so much better. When worry starts to seep in, stop to pray about what is troubling your heart, thank God for all you are thankful for and don’t allow yourself to go ahead of him.  Stay Present in the Present.  It will help you to Live life in the Moment and Take One Day at a Time.  I promise God is with you and will be with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9)!  

Are you a worrier?  Do you allow worry to take away life’s present moments?  How do you get through what you are going through during hard times?  

I would love to hear from you, Leave your Comments Below!  May the God of Peace Fill you with Hope as you Trust in Him!  Have a Blessed Week!

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