How to Fight the Right Fight Through Your Prayers (A Lesson I learned from the Karate Kid (Part 2)

Last week I shared 3 Valuable Lessons I learned from the Karate Kid.  I think we have all seen the movie The Karate Kid from 1984.  Remember the scene when Mr. Miyagi was teaching Daniel son how to wax the cars, wax on, wax off?  Daniel son did not know at the time that he was being prepared for something greater.  ​The same way Mr. Miyagi was preparing and equipping Daniel son to fight the enemy, is the same thing that God does for us.

“But you will not even need to Fight.  Take your positions, then stand still and watch the LORD’S VICTORY.  He is with You.  Do not Be Afraid or Discouraged.  Go out against them tomorrow, for the LORD is with You!”       2 Chronicles 20:17 NLT

This week on Periscope I introduced a Prayer Tool to help you when you are under attack from the enemy.  Instead of Wax on Wax off,  Pray Off, Pray On.  Pray off the lies of the enemy, to empty your hearts and pray on God’s truth to fill your hearts with his truth.  His truth will not only fill you abundantly more with His love, joy, hope and freedom, but prepares and equips you for what he is preparing You for.  We don’t have to fight our battles alone.  God will fight our battles for us, only if we let him.  

Click on the video to view the Prayer Tool.

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Remember we are not alone!  God will be with you wherever you go and will be holding you by your hand (Joshua 1:9)!  When struggles start creeping in remember, wax on, wax off!  For more powerful Prayer tips visit my Prayer Page where I share 10 Ways to Make Prayer Most Effective in Your Life. 

Do You Have Powerful Prayer Tip you would like to Share?  Please Share How is Prayer Most effective in Your Life?  Leave Comments Below.  Have a Blessed Week!

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