5 Ways to let be God in the details of your life

Did you know that 4-6 months of the year in Alaska (depending what part of the state you live), experiences only 4-5 hours of light a day?   In that lack of sunlight, a person’s Vitamin D levels go way down.  We need Vitamin D to help absorb calcium and which helps with our bone […]

What is the Most Beautiful Thing in the Whole World?

When was the last time that someone told YOU that you are BEAUTIFUL?  I am here to tell you, friend, YOU are Beautiful!!!!!   I know this, because GOD has CREATED us Fearfully and Wonderfully!  Psalm 139:14 God does not make Ugly things.  He makes everything BEAUTIFUL in it’s time. Ecclesiastes 3:11   I am […]

#SpeakUpConf15 Recap!

Writers and Speakers from all over the country just got back from the SpeakUp Conference 2015 by Carol Kent and company. I had the opportunity to attend and meet amazing people and learn so many amazing things!  So much happened at the conference, it’s hard to describe it all.  The whole weekend was filled with […]