5 Gifts of That Come From Healing

Welcome back!  This starts our fourth week in the healing blog series.  Healing is tough.  It’s a process that no one would willingly sign up for.  Sometimes in life’s messes and tragedies something even more amazing and beautiful come from it.  Are you going through a tough time right now?  The picture of the woman smiling above may seem like a distant reality right now, but it is a possibilty in your near future.  

I never realized the value of a smile until it was gone.  During our process of healing after our son’s death, I went through periods of feeling guilt if I ever smiled.  I later realized it’s okay to smile, it’s a part of the healing process.  Even though I miss our son and he is no longer with us on earth, he taught me some amazing things in the process, things I would have never known if I never met him.  These 5 gifts are the fruit of God’s love for you.  

5 Gifts of Healing 
1.  Finding a New Perspective–  What a gift it is to be able to see life in a whole new perspective, one that you have never seen before.  What if your trial is God’s way for you to see what he is trying to show you?  What if your pain is something God will use for something better?  Nothing in this life is guaranteed.  Life as we know it can change in an instant.  Don’t allow stubbornness, an unwilling heart or pride get in your way of allowing you to see life’s greatest blessings.  Allow God to teach and lead you through your trial by trusting in him.  In God’s love you will find safety and refuge.  God’s love heals.  

2.  Discovering your Strength–  If you never had to go through trials, you never would have stumbled upon your strength (Alex Elle quote).  We discover that we cannot do trials with our own strength.  Trials make you learn how to do hard things relying on the strength of God.  To be a Christian doesn’t mean you are exempt from pain and tragedy, it means you will have trials that will test your faith.  In these trials we discover invaluable gifts of perseverance, endurance and strength.  Not that God desires for us to struggle or endure pain, but to have the gifts he intended for us to better equip and prepare us for what he desires for us.  

3.  Becoming more intimate with God– When going through trials, you never know that God is all you need until God is all you have.  Even though trials are difficult and hard, they draw you closer to him.  They allow you to depend and rely on him for your every need.  This allows you to see God in a whole new light, that you never saw before.  Your trials are God’s opportunity to display his divine intervention.  How can you ever know the ability of God’s power if you never let him intercede on your behalf?  Commit your future to the LORD! Trust in him, and he will act on your behalf (Psalm 37:5 NET Bible).  

4.  Gifts of Hope–  There is no way I could get through what I am going through, when going through hard times if it weren’t for the promises of God.  I held on so tightly to God’s promises during my trials and still do.  His promises give the hope you need, gives you the focus to get through to the other side.  Only God is able to turn a valley of trouble into a door of hope (Hosea 2:15 NIV). Click to Tweet

5.  Being Thankful in the Storms-  Trials can either make you or break you.  Make you become better or bitter.  Being thankful in the storms is a choice.  Choosing thankfulness despite your circumstances allows you to move forward in your pain (Thessalonians 5:18).  It allows you to see it could always be worse, to see the blessings that have been there all along.  What a wonderful gift it is to learn how to be thankful despite your circumstances.  It gives the glory to God and allows him to turn your pain into something beautiful.  You can rely on the goodness of God even when your circumstances are bad, because God is good all the time.  

“May the God of Hope Fill you with all the Joy and Peace as you Trust in Him, so that you may overflow with Hope by the Power of the Holy Spirit.”   Romans 15:13

Below is a picture of hope and healing.  A picture of what God’s love can do.  After our son died I had a hard time being around pregnant woman and babies.  What caused everyone so much joy, caused me great anguish and pain.  Our son was the last baby I held in my arms.  After he died, I was unable to hold other babies without crying.  It was just too painful.  God makes all things new.  He makes the impossible, possible.  He knows what you need to achieve whole-hearted healing.  Below is a picture of me with my nephew, Caleb.  He is the first baby I held in my arms that I was able to hold and smile again.  God used him in a big way to make my heart whole again, hence the name Caleb which means “whole-hearted.”  God did not waste my pain, he used it and turned it into something even better.  God is a God that heals.  He is our Healer.

Do you have a picture of Hope?  God cares about your every need.  He knows what you need to achieve whole-hearted healing.  God’s Love Heals.

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I am praying for your journey of healing!  Please share this message with anyone who is going through a hard time that could use a message of hope and encouragement!  I would love to hear from you!  Leave Your Comments Below.  

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