3 Valuable Lessons I learned from the Karate Kid (Part 1)

The Karate kid is one those classic movies everyone remembers, where people recite lines and recap those classic scenes.  Despite being one of the most popular movies ever made, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from it, that have nothing to do with Karate.  

After Daniel was ganged up on by 5 other guys, Mr. Miyagi, intervenes to help Daniel out.  It then starts a relationship of Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel the proper way to fight using Karate and not the same tactics his opponents have been using (cheating and evil motives).  

There are 3 Key Lessons from the movie that Teach Us to Keep Fighting the Good Fight so we can Persevere in the long run.  

Lesson # 1
Everything isn’t always as it seems–  Sometimes our circumstances take us places we don’t really want to be.  They can be overwhelming and discouraging.  In the movie Mr. Miyagi says over and over to Daniel ‘Everything isn’t always as it seems.’  In the beginning of their training Mr. Miyagi has Daniel son wash, wax, sand and paint various things around his house.  Daniel son becomes frustrated, because he thinks Mr. Miyagi is using him as a slave to do his work for him.  On the surface it looked like Daniel was being used to do Mr. Miyagi’s work, but in reality he was being prepared for something bigger.  In this Karate Kid montage clip, Mr. Miyagi reveals why Daniel had been doing what he was doing (to view Click Here.)

Lesson #2
You are being prepared for something bigger–  Just as Mr. Miyagi was preparing Daniel son for the fight, God is preparing You for something bigger.  Mr. Miyagi didn’t tell Daniel son his plan, but he didn’t have to.  Daniel son needed to learn Karate and he knew in order to learn, he had to trust Mr. Miyagi that he knew what he was doing.  We may not always know what God is up to or understand it, but we don’t need to.  God knows better than anyone whatwe need, because he is the one who created us.  His ways and plans are so much better and greater than mine.  You are Loved my friend, that is the only part of God’s plan we need to know.    

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”  Romans 12:21

Lesson #3
Never Fight evil with evil, Fight evil with Good–  No matter what evil tactics Daniel’s opponents tried to use, Mr. Miyagi was teaching him never fight evil with evil, it will never get you anywhere.  The same way Daniel’s opponents were trying to steal, undermine, cut-off, kill and destroy is the same thing the enemy tries to do to us.
The enemies of doubt, fear, and discouragement would like nothing more than to keep you right where you are.

The definition of STUCK:

  • Satan Steals
  • Tries to
  • Undermine
  • Cut-off
  • Kill, destroy

 No matter how many times Daniel’s enemy tried to knock him down, he kept getting right back up. He was able to persevere, because of his training and being equipped with the right tools for the fight.  You are more than a conquerer fighting an endless battle.

God is equipping and preparing you for something More.  He has made you to Persevere not to be overcome by evil.
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Keep Fighting the Good Fight
In the end, Mr. Miyagi didn’t know Daniel was going to be the champion of the fight.  In the process of his preparation, Daniel became stronger which enabled him to persevere in the long run.  The lessons we learn in the Process are some of the most valuable lessons we can learn.  You are being prepared for something greater, God will use your trials for something better.  You can rejoice despite your circumstances because of God’s love for You.  His love is so much greater than any amount of evil-  His love will Persevere.  No matter how long and hard your fight may be, know that you are always Victorious in Jesus.

Nothing the enemy can do can ever change what Jesus has done for us already.  Jesus has  defeated the grave, the victory against death has already been Won.  God’s truth and love for you never changes, it always stays the same no matter what.

You were made for More.  

Has the Enemy Tested Your Faith and Try to Keep you STUCK?  What kind of more is Your Life Filled with?

How do you Fight your Good Fight?  God has designed you to live a life filled with His abundant Joy, Peace, Hope, Love and Freedom.  Next Post I Will Blog about how we can fight the Good fight with our Prayers, our Responses and our Actions.  We are meant to Live Life and Live it Abundantly!  May you have an Abundantly Blessed Week!  I would Love to Hear from you!  Leave your Comments Below.  

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