5 Gifts of That Come From Healing

Welcome back!  This starts our fourth week in the healing blog series.  Healing is tough.  It’s a process that no one would willingly sign up for.  Sometimes in life’s messes and tragedies something even more amazing and beautiful come from it.  Are you going through a tough time right now?  The picture of the woman […]

7 Promises You Can Depend On

Welcome to week three in the healing blog series!  I am so glad we do not have to do this on our own!  We are all wounded and broken.  The good news is, You do not have to be defeated by your circumstances no matter how devastating they are!  It doesn’t seem possible, but it […]

5 Steps that Move Toward Whole-Hearted Healing

Are you going through a trial right now and don’t know where to turn?  Are you struggling with something that has been burdening you for quite some time?  Are you at a point in your life where you feel that you have hit rock bottom and want to be lifted out of your darkness?  I […]

10 Bible Verses for Healing and Strength

Two weeks ago our family woke up to a 7.1 earthquake that shook our whole house.  The earthquake lasted only 30 seconds but it felt like forever.  Funny thing about an earthquake.  It makes you realize how secure your pictures are on the wall and your foundation is.  Earthquakes really shake things up!   The […]

7 Healthy Habits of Living that Lead to a Pattern of Success

I hope you have enjoyed this series for Goal setting and planning!?!?!  Today’s post will conclude this series!  All the posts this year up until this point, have lead to today’s post.  Making Goals,  Making a prayer plan, Equipping yourself with the right tools are all steps towards a successful, positive outcome.  If you have […]

Where to Find More Strength in 2016

Most of us can relate to the desire for wanting something more, some kind of change in the new year.  Strength is something that always runs out and we wish we had more of.  It is exactly what you need in trials to develop endurance to get through to the other side. Strength grows when there is […]