How to Stay Upgraded in a Downgraded World

  It’s TIME for an UPDATE!  The Latest Version is AVAILABLE!  My favorite, It’s Time for an UPGRADE!   Upgrades they are everywhere.  We can upgrade on airplanes to First class, upgrade to a suite in a Hotel, upgrade our phones to the next version, upgrade our apps, etc.  We live in a world where […]

How to use WHEN and THEN Statements to Empower Growth

How many times have you heard the phrase “Think outside of the box?”  This type of thinking is what makes one stand out in a crowd, it is what makes businesses excel, it is what propels forward progress.   How many times have you heard the phrase “I’m Stuck?”  You might think you are not […]

What is the One Thing that Lasts Forever and Never Expires?

Every week my husband and I do our weekly check of all the expiration dates in the refrigerator to see if anything has expired.  Chances are there are at least 1-2 items that need to be thrown out.  Did you know there is one item in your pantry that never expires?  You probably already guessed from […]

Three Things to Keep off your Plate to Maintain a Healthy Heart

There have been many changes I have made over the years. Some changes good and some not so good…..  One of those changes I’ve made is how I eat.  I had adapted the American lifestyle over the years of eating fast and processed foods.  To only discover that these foods aren’t very nutritious.  In fact […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Life’s Sweetest Moments

The other day, I took our son to the pediatricians office and saw this display of sugar content in sodas, sport drinks and juice.  Our family has already eliminated a lot of sugar from our diets already, but when the sugar is put into these specimen cups, it puts into perspective how much sugar we are really […]

Do you Have the Perfect Ingredient for Success?

Have you ever baked or cooked something following a recipe and it didn’t turn out looking like the picture or tasting quite like you thought it was going to taste? Maybe you are missing an ingredient, or maybe you didn’t complete one of the steps correctly? However, the recipe did not turn out as expected. […]