3 Ways to Be Honest With YourSelf

  Have you ever had one of those eye opening moments that grabbed your attention?  One of those moments God used to show you a deeper meaning to what is really going on in your life? The other day as I was reading my Bible study No Other gods by Kelly Minter, I noticed something […]

5 Ways to Make a Killer Instagram Feed

This post will be a little different than my others posts.  I have asked my friend Becky Nutall, to do a guest post on a topic I’ve been interested especially since she has such a creative eye and is a photographer extradoinaire! Have you ever wondered why some instagram feeds are so much more eye […]

What Is The Number One Scam of The Week?

Don’t Be Fooled Don’t know if you have been up to date with the current scams going on out there, but every week hackers and scam artists are crafting ever so creative new ways to scam us all.  It seems every week I get a phone call from the IRS saying they have a warrant […]

Have You Ever Been a Holy Mess? Interview with Michelle Rabon’s New Book: Holy Mess

  Have you ever just felt like your life was a mess?  Or maybe even a Hot Mess?  But a Holy Mess?  That’s a whole other level!  Just reading the title makes me relate! What if our Holy Messes were apart of God’s Holy Purpose for us? What if God’s Holy Purpose could not be […]

10 Courageous Bible Verses

10 Bible Verses That Will Give You More Courage

  Have you ever been stuck in a rut or the same pattern that keeps repeating over and over?  You wonder how do I get off this treadmill that leads to the land of nowhere? Sometimes I tend to blame my situation or circumstances of why I can’t move forward or get off that treadmill […]

Love is the outcome

When Unconditional Love is the Outcome

Have you ever had to swallow some hard truth?  A truth so hard to grasp you didn’t want to hold onto it? When we truthfully sit with hard questions to examine our hearts to search for anything ruminating in the spaces that belong to God–we discover the fears, doubts, worries and anxieties holding us back […]