This is why it's important to pursue life with grit

Why It’s Important To Pursue Life With Grit

Have you ever met a person who has been through the unimaginable yet has an unbreakable spirit? Why do some people merely survive and some thrive when put in the same circumstance?  It’s the same reason why boiling water has the ability to soften a potato or harden an egg, the circumstances are the same […]

Dear WIFE: An Invitation to Practice Connection

Dear Wife: An Invitation to Practice Connection After years of marriage, we can go on auto-pilot. You pick up the dry cleaning, and I’ll pick up the kids. It is Taco Tuesday and church on Sunday, and one day you wake up and realize you have just been going through the motions. This happens to […]

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3 Ways To Make Your Courage STRONGER

Courage.  We all need it.  We all have it.  But do we really know how to access courage and use it when we need it?   God knew we needed courage more than anything so he left 365 Bible verses, with the word courage, as a reminder for each day of the year.   Do […]

Do you believe in the resurrection?

The Most Amazing Plan Ever Revealed

I’ve been doing a little Bible journaling lately and wanted to share with you one of my Bible journaling entries. The Most Amazing Plan Ever Revealed Read Luke 24:13-35. I can’t imagine what everyone was thinking after the death of Jesus. Even though Jesus foretold of His death and resurrection many times His followers were […]

What Were The Most Powerful Words Ever Spoken?

Do you know where the most powerful, life-changing words were spoken?   Do you know who spoke those words? The most powerful words are from the last dying words from a person.  They are remembered because they will never speak those words again.   This Easter as we reflect what Jesus did for us, we […]

Have you ever been given a second chance that saved your life?

The Second Chance That Saved My Life

The Second Chance That Saved My Life Are you getting ready for Easter?  I love this time of year, for what it represents and the rich gifts that God gives us even when we don’t deserve them. Have you ever been a second chance that saved your life?   God has given me so many second […]