Here are the Top 3 Prayer Posts on My Blog

  I hope you read last week’s post The Top 5 Most Googled and Viewed Posts on my Blog.  I was really surprised what people want to know, what they’re searching for and where they were spending the most time on the blog. This week I wanted to focus on the top Prayer posts since […]

What would you like to know more about?

Top 5 Most Googled and Viewed Posts on My Blog

  In the month of June, I’m celebrating my 6th year {blogiversary}, I will be posting Top 5 posts of my favorite things, blog posts and other exciting things!  Make sure to follow along! What do people really want to know?  According to there are over 152 million bloggers total in the world.  That’s […]

What are you doing this summer?

5 Things I’m Doing This Summer to be More Intentional

Now that school is out summertime can be a busy time of the year.  As a working mom, if I’m not intentional with making plans, summer will be over and kids will be back in school before I know it.  I’m entering into a new stage of life, where my kids are becoming ‘tweens’ and […]

Why We Should Let Go of the Miracle

Have you ever prayed so hard for something, for someone a situation for weeks, months, years and the outcome still hasn’t changed?  What if that miracle, that outcome we’re praying for isn’t what God wants? Of course we all WANT good health, our families to be SAFE, our kids to make good choices and not […]

Recipes, workouts and resources to help transform your life into healthy living

4 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Health

This week is a guest post from Jen Roland, who is owner/blogger of Faith Fueled Fitness.  I love faith and fitness and am excited to have Jen guest post and share her insights of making health simple and easy.  Make sure to check out her recipes and fitness workouts!  Have a great week! In Him, […]

Mended: A Book Review and Giveaway!

MENDED: A Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

  Mother’s Day can be a mixed bag of emotions for many.  Many celebrate Mother’s Day without their mother, or who have a strained relationship with their mom, and some can’t talk to their mothers at all because they’ve passed away.  Whatever the circumstance, Mother’s Day can bring joy and/or pain. Today I have the […]