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The Secret to Being Perfect

Spring is approaching. Grass is growing, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping….. well not where I live. There are still mounds of snow piled on top of another. The grass and flowers are not blooming. The birds are not chirping. (Insert whining sigh here). However there is one bird indigenous to […]

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

With the Easter holiday approaching, I wanted to take us back to the reason for the season of why we really celebrate Easter.  As I enter into stores my eyes are bombarded with empty plastic eggs, Easter baskets and bunnies.  Really the Easter bunny has nothing to do with why we celebrate Easter.  The world […]

Unexpected Easter Blessings

Have you ever received a blessing from God that was beyond measure than anything you have ever received? Easter in itself is a blessing that I will always cherish when God gave his only son for us. But there are two Easter blessings that will forever be engraved in my heart. Last Easter, it was our […]

The Message and The Miracle

Have you ever gone through a hard time in your life and questioned is God even there? Or does he even care? Sometimes I’ve caught myself questioning God and his motives when I’m going through hard times. I question God ‘why is this happening to me? Don’t you even care?’ Then he so tenderly reminds […]

The Right To Be Picky

The other day my son was hungry and wanted a snack.  We had just been the store and bought bulk size snacks for kids’ lunches for times like these when they were hungry.  I started to give my son options for what snacks he could eat.  As I ran through the list of 4 or […]