3 Valuable Lessons Failure Can Teach You

Failure.  We have all been there.  You will never forget when you fail at something.  Even though it seems horrible at the time, it can be one of the best learning experiences you go through.  I thought it was the end of the world the day I failed my nursing boards (this was 17 years ago).  I had studied so hard, the result was devastating.  In that failure is where I learned three valuable lessons that I carry with me to this day.  

3 Valuable Lessons Failure Teaches Us

1. Builds character– It makes you mentally tougher.  It Prepares you to be able to do hard things.  It teaches you that life is not easy and you have to keep trying.  Failing my boards made me try harder.  It taught me the value in working harder, pushing myself to reach my goal.  It taught me perseverance.  Perseverance teaches us how to get through tough times.  It helps prepare us for what lies ahead.  “God doesn’t care about our achievements while we’re here on this earth. He cares about our character.” by Rick Warren

2.  Never allow numbers on a piece of paper define who you are  Whether it’s a grade you receive in class, a class rank you receive or what’s in your bank account, you are more than numbers on a piece of paper.  Take that all away, you are still who you are.

Never allow present failures define future success (Click to Tweet).

Failures shape our future, prepare us for what lies ahead and make us stronger.  (The enemy) wants you to believe that you are no good, not worthy and are not able to do it.  Just because one door has closed doesn’t mean another one won’t open up.  Sometimes your failure will lead you to better paths ahead.  Allow your failures to Shape your future, not define it.  

3.  Never allow failure to stop you from moving forward or accomplishing your goals.  The best way to respond to failure, is ask yourself, What can I learn from this?  Apply it and Keep Going. How many times did the Apostle Paul get thrown into jail and was persecuted for what he believed?  A lot.  He could have looked at his many situations as failures.  That never stopped him to on Keep Going.  He didn’t look at his situation as failure, but as an opportunity to learn, become stronger and persevere.    

God always has something better ahead for you.  A closed door Now doesn’t mean it won’t open in the Future.  

Hard work, perseverance and commitment, pays off in the long run.  You never know where your failures might lead you.  Looking back, I realized how important it was for me to go through that.  

  • How it prepared me for my future.  
  • How God used it and turned it into something better.  

I went on to obtain my Masters Degree in Nurse Anesthesia.  After the failed nursing board attempt, I never failed another test again.

I have been a nurse for 17 years, not once has a patient asked me, What grade did you get in Anatomy Class?  Did you graduate Summa Cum Laude?  Or did you pass your nursing boards the first time?  What a patient will ask you, is how long have you been a nurse?  They care about your experience, not if you are valedictorian.  They want to know that you are going to take care of them.  Will you go the extra mile to hold their hand if they are scared to go into surgery?  Will you offer them a hug when they just received a terminal cancer diagnosis?  Will you give them the utmost care, respect and compassion even when they aren’t at their best?  
Patients grade you on how you treat them.  That is the most important grade you could ever receive.  

You are Important, Worthy and Valuable.  No matter what another person says or what failure has occurred, You Matter.  You are God’s workmanship.  He created you with aPurpose, not to be defeated but to to be Victorious.  He designed you to Succeed.  Even if you fail Now, it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in the Future.  God will use your failures for future successes.  Take this from someone who has been on the other side of failure.  

Has Failure been apart of Your Life?  In What Ways has Failure Helped Shape Your Future?  Has God used your Failure and turned it into something Better? 

Don’t Give up, Don’t lose hope, Keep Going.  “For I know the Plans for you, plans to prosper you not to harm, but to give you Hope.”  Jerimiah 29:11 NIV

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